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FEM simulation Ebooks

Posted by Tra Tran Hung trên Tháng Mười Hai 9, 2010

1. Ansys Tutorial;   Download here: http://ifile.it/z1pr5o/ansys_tutorial_kent_lawrence_2005.pdf

2. Finite Element method: A practical course; Download here: http://ifile.it/lzbd0i/finite_element_method_a_practical_course_isbn10-0750658665_ebooksclub.org.rar

3. SAP 2000 Manual; Download here: http://ifile.it/68t4n09/learn_sap2000.pdf

4. Dynamic of Structures, 3rd ed.  Download here: http://ifile.it/ie0mc5/dynamics_of_structures_3rd_edition_ray_w.cloughjoseph_penzien.pdf

5.  COMSOL Modeling;  Download here:  http://mediafire.com/?zzytobmqlmd

6. Abacus Theory Manual V.6.7;  Download here: http://ifile.it/pxylw6r/theory.rar


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